he was found on a cold november morning.
not because they were looking for it – the whole country had desisted thirty years ago- but because we had wanted it that way.

greta moved slowly, observing the ground around looking for mushrooms; but when she decided that this piece of ground had nothing to offer, she decided to move farther along and when she looked up, she saw it.

in this ancient chestnut forest it is not easy to distinguish one tree from another and certainly you do not pay too much attention. after all, a tree is a tree: leaves, branches, trunk, roots… we are all the same for you. but as I said, we were to guide the greta’s eyes right on that young chestnut tree. his trunk was tight and smooth, but in a half-height he grew darker and writhed like a long constricting serpent. when she approached, she still did not know that the image she was about to observe would be fixed forever in the darkness of her eyes, forcing her to sleep with the light on for the rest of her life.

they looked like the entrails of an animal gutted at the height of the digestion’s process: the wood was so twisted on those bones that it seemed almost as though the tree had dusted its flesh and was intent on chewing its last remains.

the skull stared at her with empty orbits and the jawbone torn in a terrible expression, and she almost felt the desperate cry begging him to put an end to that unspeakable suffering. suddenly he panicked her, and not knowing what to do, instinct made her run away.

I was here when that head rolled away from the body thirty years ago. he rolled at the feet of a young chestnut tree that made it his own. over the years it had become fleshy until the white of the bones and in all this time, the wood seemed to have become liquid, in a slow incandescent antigravitational melt that would never have ended.

I like to think of a live experiment, an industrial semi-finished product, a metamorphosis, a symbiosis, a parasite and its host. but sometimes, as I look at it, it seems to me that the head has finally found its body, because nature can be joking …