the general iudge, will iudge us all, the popish onor shall nothing availe, be he eyther bishop or cardinall.

this is a quotation from the book of 1584 with a very long title (the doome warning all men to the iudgemente wherein are contayned for the most parte all the straunge prodigies hapned in the worlde, with diuers secrete figures of reuelations tending to mannes stayed conuersion towardes God: in maner of a generall chronicle, gathered out of sundrie approued authors by st. batman professor in diuinite) from which we borrowed one of his beautiful woodcuts and we did, what in musical jargon it would be a cover.

through the linocut technique we engraved the matrix, we inked it and then printed it in the etching press just as it did in 1584, at the time of the publication of the original book.
with the technique of gilding or gold leaf (a technique widely used in medieval art and architecture, especially in the byzantine and renaissance to enhance the visual effect of the saints’ halos), we then embellished the print illuminating not the holiness but the damnation.

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