DEDSHIRTs are created through an ancient technique of artistic printing called relief printing, already in use in the 1400s.

creation of the matrix
the illustration is transferred onto the matrix specularly to the original and then is engraved: the parts excavated will be the whites, the parts in relief will obviously be instead the blacks of the image.

inking the matrix
inking occurs through a rubber roller which is loaded into a homogeneous layer of ink and is then slid onto the surface of the matrix.

the press is used, an ancient machine, composed of a mobile plane compressed between two heavy metal cylinders. the t-shirt is placed on the plane and the matrix is then placed on top of it, with the part inked downwards. through the use of a crank is made to rotate the lower cylinder which then by friction communicates the movement to the whole system, allowing the plane to slide between the two rollers and to press together t-shirt and matrix.