it is difficult to define, for search engines, what DEDSHIRTs are.

when we decided to abandon the industrial press and the computer in favor of manual experimentation and traditional art printing methods, we wanted to bring fine art graphics to ordinary people, using commercial media such as t-shirts. the idea was the poetic one of making artistic prints move around the world using people as vehicles and not the other way around.

DEDSHIRTs is certainly an online store of printed t-shirts, but our ideal target does not search for keywords like t-shirts online, printed t-shirts or online t-shirts sales, either because the competition is insane but above all because our product does not correspond to the need for that specific target.

DEDSHIRTs are fine art t-shirts, unique t-shirts: in the jargon of art dealers would be defined author’s multiples, not unique works (drawing, tempera, watercolor …) but art multiplied by the use of various printing techniques. the author’s multiples are performed on a precise project of the artist aimed at printing a limited edition, a predetermined and limited number of copies whose realization is curated by the artist himself in all its phases.

each series (collection or limited edition according to the field of fashion or art printing) of the DEDSHIRTs starts from the idea, then continues with the creation of the original illustration, the feasibility study and the transfer of the mirror illustration on linoleum or mdf sheets (medium density fibreboard, wood derivative). the matrix then is engraved according to the technique of the relief print (so called because the inking is carried out on the raised parts of the matrix, resulting in the excavated parts corresponding to the whites of the image).
the matrix obtained in this way will then be inked by typographic rollers and printed by direct contact on the t-shirt through the use of a calcographic press or by hand, depending on the desired result.
the whole process is completely done by hand and every single DEDSHIRTs is individually printed in small numbered and limited copies.

all this one to explain why we have coined a long key word to define what we do: low tech fine art printshop.

the keywords we have chosen to represent us on the web have more to do with limited edition t-shirts, t-shirt printshop or fine art and printing; long words with less competition that perhaps do not immediately identify our t-shirts by the author but that however fit perfectly into the context.