wooden matrices is the DEDSHIRTs’ spin-off that aims to make fine art graphics using woodcut and art printing in small artisan runs.
business cards, labels, greeting cards: each piece is made from a matrix hand-engraved, inked and printed by hand in unique and numbered copies. the target is made up of small companies and individuals working in the artistic and artisan field with small productions of the highest quality and which have the need of a return to tradition, a valuable image that can be as pure and inimitable as their products.

some prototypes have already been created and the projects are all available: one of these is called regards from jail and consists of small sachets of courtesy for your greetings: they are handmade in light recycled kraft paper and each contain a card printed on 310 gr. pescia paper with a drawing in woodcut taken from the tattoos of delinquents of the work the delinquent man in relation to the anthropology, jurisprudence and psychiatry of caesar lombroso, dated 1897.

you can see other photos by clicking on the link below: www.facebook.com/pg/DEDSHIRTs/photos/