DEDSHIRTs and mamoiada museum of mediterranean masks renew their collaboration: for the second year in a row the museum bookshop will be, in fact, the only official sales outlets where you can buy the colored flags series.

the series was born to pay homage to the mask of mamoiada and constitutes a trilogy, still under construction, dedicated to the millennial tradition of the sardinian apotropaic carnival.
after the first series of t-shirts sold out in 2017, it was necessary to reissue another 25 copies, all identical to the first ones, with the only difference being the printing technique used and therefore the final result: while in the first series the black matrix had been printed on the fabric manually in this second one used an etching press. the black of the first series was very light, almost washed out, with that dirty style so dear to the DEDSHIRTs; the black of the second one is much darker, more defined.

on the occasion of the feast of sant’antonio abate, on the 16th and 17th of january, the mamuthones will make their first public appearance in what many define the true essence of the carnival.