DEDSHIRTs follow the influences, ideals, philosophy and mood swings of its creator andrea pes who in 2009 decided to create a line of t-shirts that could meet his particular standards of beauty.

he gave them the name DEDSHIRTs because DED has the same sound as the word DEAD, without being so obvious, and drew from this the features of the iconic vintage reaper, which he said he came from memories of an old bumper sticker on his father’s fiat 500 with the letters STP.

each collection or series of t-shirts has always been characterized by its own original artwork, designed and built ad hoc, which draws from popular culture, death, street art, punk rock, decadence, tattoos, irreverent creativity, skulls, social unrest, splatter, illuminated manuscripts and criminal symbology made with in grunge style, dirty and unkempt, using black as its dominant color.

since the printing of the first 100 DEDSHIRTs in 2010 the project has evolved radically, abandoning screen printing and the computer for the dexterity of hand craftsmanship. today, every illustration is engraved manually on a matrix (of wood or linoleum) that is inked then used as a stamp, imprinting the pattern onto the fabric, just as it was done back in 1500.

manual printing gives the illustration a worn effect. the worn look, together with black philosophy, creates the vintage-grunge style of DEDSHIRTs.

each piece is unique and original, finished with artisan care to produce small numbered editions of high quality, in which every apparent imperfection helps to make it unique.
we do not know if there is something similar to this, or a name for all of this, but we’ve dedicated a new word to it: DEDSHIRTs.