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alternity miniatures frankenstein remix

out now the new DEDSHIRTs alternity miniatures FRANKENSTEIN remix series composed of only 7 numbered t-shirts on which a cotton cloth printed on the press by a linoleum matrix was applied. below you can find the in-depth page with…

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hungry for humans

out now the new commercial halloween promo inspired by the new claim hungry for humans.
it is an animated video made with the cutout technique that consists of using pieces of paper to create a sort of collage, and photograph them in step one (better known as slow motion) to create the illusion…

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DEDSHIRTs & alternity miniatures

on the DEDSHIRTs tube we uploaded the ‘making of’ video of the new beautiful project created for alternity miniatures: 2 minutes and 45 seconds with the entire production cycle and the behind the scenes of the new shirts! if you have not already done so, please put the like at the DEDtube channel so you will not…

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