the skull in visual arts

the skull had to remember what the absolute truth of man was: that of white, grinning bones, unmade of his rotten flesh. spoiled the final of the last season to the living, reminding them how frivolous was every material good, how short every exterior beauty was and how much every…

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multiplied art

when the DEDSHIRTs abandoned the computer years ago and the high-tech printing processes made it follow a precise choice of life: to make the art more usable, moving it from the immobility of a frame to a more commercial and much more dynamic support like the fabric of a t-shirt.

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new series: printmaker casta

the new DEDSHIRTs ‘printmaker casta’ series is finally available in the official store. the series consists of nine t-shirts in limited and numbered edition, hand painted with the stencil technique and wants to pay tribute to the ancient art of engraving and original printing…

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