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original prints

until the eighteenth century the term printing was synonymous for engraving because in order to create multiple copies of an image a hand-engraved matrix with recesses and reliefs was needed. and this was the only way. then lithography was invented, a technique that allowed printing using flat matrices and…

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the missing: a skull story

he was found on a cold november morning. not because they were looking for it – the whole country had desisted thirty years ago- but because we had wanted it that way. greta moved slowly, observing the ground around looking for mushrooms; but when she decided that this piece of ground had nothing to offer…

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the missing: new video

out now the making of video of the new DEDSHIRTs series called the missing coming out in june. like every DEDSHIRTs branded product, the t-shirt series is a limited and numbered edition of only 10 pieces, printed as it was used in the 1500s, using a cylinder press and a linoleum matrix.

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